Professional Highlights

  • 19+ years of business management experience specializing in driving bottom-line results to accelerate widespread growth
  • Skilled in directing key operating initiatives to achieve record retention levels while managing growth initiatives and operations
  • Innovative and effective leader dedicated to providing opportunities for growth and development while establishing processes to generate efficiency
  • Vast knowledge in leading and executing programs and projects to position companies for sustainable advancement

Articulate with keen proficiency in establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships contributing to top-producer status


Insurance Agency | Provo, UT

  • Establish and expand insurance agency specializing in Property and Casualty to meet ongoing demands and market needs.
  • Minimize loss ratio levels exceeding client retention rate requirement of 56%
    Optimize social media marketing strategies to identify and engage diverse market, resulting in double-digit increase in sales.
  • Effectively manage a business portfolio spanning 600+ households, 1,700+ items, and $1.2M in premiums.
  • Create and implement innovative and robust marketing campaigns to generate a strong pipeline of business growth while cross-selling services to drive retention efforts with existing clients.

Investment Firm | Salt Lake City, UT

  • Promoted from Customer Service Associate to Manager and then to Senior Manager responsible for providing innovative leadership to 14 tenured and experienced registered representatives exclusively servicing a high net worth clientele.
  • Streamlined client processes and segmentation in collaboration with upper management to include restructuring call routing to ensure rapid client response.
  • Created and implemented asset retention campaign which retained over $100 million within the firm over a three year period.
  • Actively trained the High Net Worth team on effective asset retention procedures to minimize client withdrawal and provide outstanding customer service.
  • Licensed Registered Investment Advisor meeting criteria for new product offering following implementation of RIA product.
  • Led and specialized in retirement plan products and fee-based product offerings.
  • Led licensing project and served as Product Specialist qualifying key representatives to provide annuity payout options to retirees.
  • Managed facilities expansion project by coordinating efforts across property manager and contractors to ensue installations and layouts were up to specifications for 40+ associates within strict project constraints.
  • Directed and managed projects involving product implementation, asset retention initiatives and facilities management to accommodate employee growth.


  • Westminster College, Salt Lake City
  • Bachelor of Science | Business Administration


  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Lapsed: NASD Series 7, 9, 10, 26, 65, 63

Character Traits

As someone that has been in the hiring seat, it’s often a mystery as to the qualities of a person that really determine whether they may be a good fit for a position or not. It’s a challenge to first assess a person’s character traits because someone may believe that they have certain qualities but yet people around them may not agree that those qualities exist. Secondly it is difficult to gauge or measure the degree that a person possesses certain qualities.

Below is my effort to:

  1. Objectively seek the opinion of others that have had time to develop opinions of my qualities, strengths and characteristics.
  2. Quantify these traits as compared to similar or opposed traits.

The following information was gathered from 27 anonymous surveys that were completed by previous employees, co-workers, managers, friends and associates. The analysis are based on historically researched studies of characteristics, management styles and personality traits.

  • Select a word to describe Steve Miller

    • (Larger words are repeated.)
  • SteveMillerWordCloud

  • Six Thinking Hats

    Six Thinking Hats is based on the premise that individuals have primary and secondary styles of management. The following are the results of how my peers selected my style of management.


    Click on chart to enlarge.

  • The Big Five Personality Traits

Survey participants were asked to gauge my Big Five Personality Traits by selecting on a sliding scale where I would most appropriately be placed on a particular trait scale.

Big Five Personality Traits

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  • Extensive Personality Assessment

The participants were given a word and asked to rank me on that word on a scale of 1 to 5. The list is sorted by words that showed the strongest scores.


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